Recently I discovered this beautiful natural fragrance company and was very excited to see the brand was established by a New Zealander; Frances Shoemack. Since 2020 the perfume house has returned from overseas to put down roots in Wellington! I couldn’t decide which single fragrance to choose so purchased the ‘Discovery set’ which includes all seven fragrances in the Vita Odor collection. Scents include; white vetiver, golden neroli, red santal, cobalt amber, green cedar, pink iris (my favourite so far) and grey labdanum.

Now a little about how this inspiring business came to be;

Natural perfume house Abel Odor was established in Amsterdam in 2013. Frances wanted to create natural perfume that was modern, chic, sustainable and used ethical supply chains. Shoemack began working with Perfumer Isaac Sinclair to create a natural perfume without the compromises. Using the best Natural science and sourcing the worlds finest ingredients were a priority for the pair. In 2018, the UK Financial Times quoted Abel as ‘well on their way to being the world’s best natural perfume’. Quite an achievement don’t you think?!

The fragrances are made with 100% natural, plant derived ingredients. They are cruelty free, contain no: petrochemicals, parabens and phthalates, are vegan friendly and all ingredients are ethically sourced. Abel now direct 1% of their total revenue to environmental causes. Working together with 1% for the Planet, they have carefully selected a not-for-profit partner for each of the fragrances. If you worry about all the chemicals and synthetics that go into your everyday perfume maybe think about investing in Abel Odor.

Shop | 100% Natural Eau de Parfum | Abel

Shop | 100% Natural Eau de Parfum | Abel

NURTURE | a perfume for mothers | Abel
Pink Iris | Natural perfume for both men and women | Abel

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