Indoor Plants can transform a room, clean the air and bring a workplace or home to life, whats not to love!? Bridie from ‘Love Grows’ shares with us her top tips for maintaining happy and healthy plants.

Whats your biggest seller and why?

op sellers are the String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus) and Heartleaf Philodendron (Philodendron Cordatum). Quite often they are labelled as a hard to grow indoor plant. We give detailed plant care instructions with every variety but this one seems to be the one plant that most people need help with down the track. The Heartleaf is always a winner though (also my personal favorite, I have 6 for my own personal collection!) they are SO easy to care for, requiring little maintenance, and create such a lush look to any space. Perfect for a hanging basket, or a high self where their trails can cascade down. I have a couple that I have trained to climb up the wall and along the roof line. Their heartshaped leaves are just so beautiful.

Top indoor plant tips?

1. Choose the variety based on where you want it positioned in your home. For instance, if you chose a String of Pearls to sit on your bedside table in a dark corner of your bedroom, with in 2 months the poor thing would shrivel up into nothing because they require a lot of bright indirect – sometimes direct – to thrive. Lighting is much more important than most realize

2. Don’t kill your plants with kindness! Over-watering is the main problem for your plants dying. The best way to avoid this is by touching the soil. Use your fingers to actually feel how damp it is. If it feels soggy and wet – Don’t water. If the top 2 inches are dry as a bone, your plant is thirsty. A lot of people keep on watering on a weekly or daily schedule but it is so different for every plant. Some are in a warmer room and a small pot so the soil drys out faster. Some have a big pot in the corner of a dark room so the time it takes the soil to dry out is far longer. So to keep on top of all the variants, summer, winter, pot size etc, use this method as a rule of thumb. Ensure your pot has good drainage, this will also help with the bottom layer of soil becoming soggy and wet all the time. If that happens your plant will suffer root rot and won’t be too happy.

Do indoor plants need fertilizer?

Yes! When your plants are in their growing stage, Spring – Autumn they will love you for some plant feed. Every 1-3 months depending on the variety.

Best plants for a dark / not much light area / room?

Zanzibar Gem is a perfect table topper for a dark room. For a hanging plant a Pothos or Heartleaf are amazing in low light positions.

Trend? or are indoor plants here to stay?

Of course they are here to stay!! Consumers are fast becoming conscious about purchasing natural, healthy and environmentally friendly products, and really what could be better than a living plant!? My main drive to start this business was to bring people joy, right to their front door. In world now where we have everything at our finger tips and anything we want delivered right to our door the following day, why not allow people to have a beautiful lush plant arrive safely? We are so limited in New Zealand to the varieties we are allowed here, so that is an ongoing battle. But our growers are working so hard to bring new varieties into the country so people can grow their collection. I am looking forward to the next year in which we have some very exciting plants coming and Love Grows will be able to ship them to every corner of the country! 

Common problems/diseases faced by indoor plants?

Pests – Plants that are unhealthy and are struggling will be more susceptible to attracting bugs. If you spot any type of pest, move that plant away from other plants ASAP and treat. It is best to get on top of the problem sooner rather than later, or you could end up in a world of trouble.Root rot – Explained in the over watering problem

Love grows’ stocks a large range of beautiful indoor plants, plant food, leaf shine & pest repellant products. All plants come with detailed plant care instructions and are also available on the website. To order online visit: