Good design has always been a focus of interest for me, whether it’s featuring beautifully considered homes or interviewing the clever creatives behind the design.

Since starting Home Scene Journal in 2015 I’ve always enjoyed sharing stories I’d love to read myself. Those that inspire and delight and those that share how clever people have created beautiful homes or crafted beautiful design pieces.

One topic that has appeared but not regularly is renovations. When I realised this I almost had to laugh, given how reno’s have been always present in my life. I grew up with a builder for a Dad and funnily enough, I married a builder. We’ve always been renovating, but I love it. That endless desire to create something new.

We recently finished our first home project which has seen raising two kids and starting a business. Now we have the fun of searching for our next project. Hubby says new and modern (read aka low maintenance for him) and I can’t steer away from the old homes I love and grew up in. Will be interesting to see where we come to in the end.

So all this leads back to reno’s and build projects and not just the finished product either. I love to see the in-between, middle stages and follow along on the journey via instagram. A number of clever people I follow are either just starting out or are in the throws of reno/building life. A number of those I’ll be sharing their stories here on Home Scene Journal with you. Below are just a few of my favourite Reno’s and building projects. Follow their journey on instagram too and stay tuned for more features to come. And if you know of inspiring projects on the go, let me know!

Clare + Simon Cato

Mutually Made | @mutually_made

Fiona + Josh Goddard

Fiona Clare Beauty | @fionaclarebeauty

Georgina Skinner + Stephen Beggs

Cowshed 488 | @Cowshed488

Kylie Grimmer

Mustard Folk | @mustardfolk

Izzy + Tim

The Britten Stables | @thebrittenstables

Chelsea + James Warburton

Chelsea Warburton | @chelseawarburton

Becs + Blair McDonald

Blair McDonald Building | @blairandbecsbuild

Unna + Aaron Burch

The Forest Cantina | @the_forest_cantina

Christall Lowe

Lowes Mid Century Reno | @lowesmidcenturyreno

Jess Britten + Warren Durling

Hall We Need | @hallweneed