Like a duck hunter’s hide, this contemporary Auckland home offers both a vantage point to enjoy the city wide views and provides privacy in the lower level from the home sitting perched on a steep site.

Hence the name Mai Mai house.

Designed by architect firm Pattersons, a home of contrasts and packing plenty of personality, a feathery motif is projected onto the exterior white fibreglass walls as a reference to the traditional Maori feather cloak.


mai mai8

Mai Mai 12



The expansive glass surroundings allow natural light to filter in to the space and create a warm and inviting home. Enjoying spatial living spaces, the stairs lead down to a private cinema room and bedrooms where an interior courtyard is located.


mai mai 4

mai mai 10


mai mai7

mai mai 11

mai mai9

mai mai3

mai mai2

Showing function and art can come together as Pattersons have done with this award winning home.

Details | Architect: Pattersons

– Kelly