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What do you get when you combine pale white marble, teak and white concrete with an old Victorian Brownstone? A restoration project sure to make any lover of old character and minimalism fall in love and that’s exactly what this five-storey, New York city Brownstone home does.

Built in the late 19th century, the homeowners commissioned architect Julian King to restore their townhouse back to her former beauty by retaining original elements and incorporating new materials to create a functional modern home.

During the restoration process, the gorgeous curves of the original Victorian moulding were retained along with the ornamental crown moulding in the kitchen, refurbishing the scarred pine floors and unearthing a hidden gem – a concealed powder room which was discovered behind a wall during the demolition process.

What once contained an awkward layout through prior renovation attempts, is now a light, airy and well thought out space that leaves a feeling of grandeur. This is evident in the floor to ceiling expanse in the master suite that can be left open in the warmer months, creating a seamless extension into the garden.

In true minimalist fashion the house is painted white throughout. “It lets the details pop out,” King says.








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A true beauty with minimalist restraint, a home I’d love to call home